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Production & Sustainability

At Aprils form, we believe that the way a product is made is just as important as its design. To prevent overconsumption, we offer either made-to-order or limited quantities of our products. Our large furniture is only produced once a buyer has been arranged, and our marble objects and accessories are made in small volumes using excess material from our manufacturer's production line that would otherwise go to waste.
Production of custom-made furniture can be more time-consuming than ready-made items, but results in a piece that is one-of-a-kind and built to last. Individuals who purchase such items can be assured that it has been crafted with expertise by artisans, delivering a wholly individual piece.
 We view stone as a sustainable material option because of its long-lasting qualities, and we hope that our products will be treasured and passed down through generations.  In terms of design, we focus on pieces that are simple, sculptural, and honest, with an emphasis on minimalism and timelessness. As a small label, we take our environmental impact seriously and will work to minimize our impact as we grow.  

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