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Custom stone Furniture for bulk purchase, Hospitality, Residential and Commercial Projects

custom design

Every design process starts with an idea and, within about six to seven weeks, what was merely a concept will be transformed into an exquisite piece of high-end piece. When our clients come to us with the desire to create a custom piece of furniture, we first spend time understanding their precise needs. Each piece is produced individually to your specifications. Either you have your furniture designed by our furniture designers or provide your own designs the designs are turned into shop drawings for production. Through providing our clients with updated renderings of each custom piece, we involve them every step of the way, from concept to finished product. Each piece by Aprils Form is created by passion and masterful workmanship.

marble and natural stone options

We source marble slabs and other natural stone slabs from quarries around the world to craft our custom furniture pieces. Our commitment to quality starts with our selection of raw materials. We carefully choose slabs with unique patterns, veining, and coloration that will bring character and elegance to each piece.

Our skilled craftsmen work with precision and care to transform these natural stone slabs into custom furniture pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

Each piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our attention to detail ensures that the natural beauty of the stone is preserved, with each piece showcasing the unique patterns and textures that make it truly one-of-a-kind.

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